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The Puberty Book: A Guide for Children and Teenagers

by Wendy Darvill and Kelsey Powell - £7.99  Gill & Macmillan Ltd (2008)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780717144945 | ISBN 10: 0717144941

'What's a wet dream?'
'At what age do you get eggs?'
'How do you ask a girl on a date?'
'Is it all right to try to get the perfect body?'
The Puberty Book is an accurate yet humourous guide for children and teenagers, full of up-to-date information about themselves, their bodies and growing up.
In simple, straightforward language, Wendy Darvill and Kelsey Powell discuss the changes that happen at puberty, sex and sexuality, health and looking after yourself, relationships. pregnancy and birth.
This new edition contains a chapter on looking after your mental health, which focuses on issues such as self-esteem, body image, shyness, depression and bullying.
The authors recognise the primary role of parents and carers in the sexual education of their children, but this book is written for children rather than parents. It is illustrated throughout with witty and informative cartoons, and all of the questions that are used are based on the kinds of questions that children and teenagers everywhere ask all the time.

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