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Telling It Like It Is: Young Asian Women Talk

by Edited by Nadya Kassam - £4.99  The Women (1997)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780704349414 | ISBN 10: 0704349418

'I told my mum that I was going for a walk and that I would be back before it was dark. She didn't say anything, although I was wearing make-up and my mostly trendy clothes. I had been fantasising about this moment for so long. My first date! My first boyfriend! A light went on in my head - I could be normal like the other girls and it was worth the risk. I was excited, but not about meeting him; I was excited because I felt I was worth living at last!'
'You're always saying that I'll be lucky to get married and have children, the way I am. Is that what you think? That I will spend my life just as somebody's wife, with no identity of my own, content to look after the house and stay in the kitchen all day? Do you really think that all Asian wives need to keep them happy is a new microwave? The answer is no! I don't know which century you are living in, but I'm telling you one thing for sure - being an Asian woman is not a punishment or a restriction. The world is my oyster and my life will be what I make it!'
Boyfriends versus cultural and spiritual values; looking good and fitting in at school or dressing as mum, dad and religion dictate; parties and clubs or homework and studies; arranged marriages or 'love matches'.
In this passionate and lively collection, young Asian women struggle against restrictions, stick up for their culture, express frustrations and joys, describe the impact of racism on their lives, balance two cultures, and search for the must fulfilling ways of living.
Telling It Like It Is is a fascinating, hilarious, moving, powerful and exhilarating read.

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