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Everything to Play For: The QI Book of Sports

by James Harkin and Anna Ptaszynski - £14.99  Faber & Faber (2023)
hardback    ISBN 13: 9780571372539 | ISBN 10: 0571372538

The most improbable, fascinating and endlessly entertaining sporting facts and stories, from prehistory to the present day.
Hop, skip and jump into this wonderfully curious grand tour of the world of sports, brought to you by QI Elves James Harkin and Anna Ptaszynski.
From sport’s weirdest rules to its most unlikely heroes, each chapter of Everything to Play For is brimming with surprising facts and intriguing stories, including the psychology of football chants, comically large cricket bats, pole-vaulting priests and professional pillow-fighting.
Even if you’ve never asked yourself what David Attenborough has to do with yellow tennis balls, why Victorian doctors feared the outbreak of ‘bicycle face’; or what led ancient Egyptian athletes to have their spleens removed, this book will give you the astonishing answers, and plenty more besides.

(Price & availability last checked: October 2023)

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