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Beyond Belief

by Colm O'Gorman - £7.99  Hodder (2010)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780340925287 | ISBN 10: 0340925280

Abused by his priest, betrayed by his church: the story of the boy who sued the Pope.

`I was living in a world where a priest who spoke the words of God used me for sex, and there was no-one to tell. The world where this horror happened didn`t exist for anyone else.`

As a boy in Ireland where everyone – from among his own neighbours to the powers of church and state – chose to deny that a priest could sexually assault a child, Colm O`Gorman felt only shame, guilt and fear at the regular rape and abuse he suffered.
But Colm would go on to make history, successfully suing the Roman Catholic Church, asking questions of the Pope himself and creating a watershed in history as hundreds more victims found the courage to report their abuse.
Beyond Belief is a powerful story of a young man`s shame turning to outrage, and demonstrates that – whatever our past hurts – there is hope for the future if we are prepared to stand for truth.
"... a crucial document in the charting of a dark period in our history. It is also a story of bravery and survival, of strength and resilience, and will serve as an inspiration to many readers."
(Colm Toibin)
"...a determined and fluent individual who has turned the trauma of his life into an extraordinary form of empowerment. O’Gorman transcends much of his terrible anger and brings some sense of resolution to what was, and is, a dark period in the story of modern Ireland"
(Irish Times)

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