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Patrick Pearse: The Making of a Revolutionary

by Joost Augusteijn - £25.00  Palgrave Macmillan (2010)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780230277656 | ISBN 10: 0230277659

Patrick Pearse was not only the leader of the 1916 Easter Rising but also one of the main ideologues of physical-force nationalism in Ireland. For a long time, his ideas have either been dismissed or portrayed as dubious because of his association with the use of violence in Northern Ireland. However, the recent 'Peace Process' and the modernisation of Irish society have made it possible to now take a fresh look at this founding father of the Irish state.
Based on a wealth of new material on his childhood and underground activities, this first full biography in more than thirty years provides an intimate and revealing account of Pearse's life, and of the development of his ideas on Irish culture, education, and politics. The integrated approach reveals how Pearse gave his own interpretation of ideas that were current in European society at the time, while Augusteijn also offers the first comprehensive analysis of his impact on Ireland after his death.

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