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Shakespeare's Guide to Parenting

by James Andrews - £8.99  Vintage (Square Peg) (2015)
hardback    ISBN 13: 9780224101158 | ISBN 10: 0224101153

William Shakespeare, dad of three, knew a few things about parenting and there is nothing better than a Shakespeare quote when it comes to having the last word with your kids.
Ever wondered why your baby is crying?
Why your teenager never listens to you?
How to encourage your child to stick with a hobby?
Wonder no more: in Shakespeare's Guide to Parenting you'll find the answers to all these questions and more, cunningly extracted from his best-loved plays and handily illustrated thoughout. From King Lear to Cleopatra, from Lady Macbeth to Juliet: Shakespeare proves, once again, that he is (as he said himself!) the font of all wisdom.
Forget Super Nanny and the naughty step this handy pocket-sized book will help long-suffering mums and dads know exactly what to do, and say, in every parenting eventuality.

(Price & availability last checked: September 2015)

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