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Pornography: Women, Violence, and Civil Liberties

by Catherine Itzin (editor) - £41.49  Oxford University Press (1993)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780198257554 | ISBN 10: 0198257554

This book is not a diatribe against eroticism or a moral crusade to stamp out sex. Rather, it is an attack on the international industry in pornography which, in abusing and degrading women desensitizes people to the routine discrimination and violence that its opponents claim it engenders. Including contributions by Catherine A. Mackinnon, Michael Moorcock, Andrea Dworkin, and Ray Wyre, these challenging, uncompromising, and passionate essays examine such topics as the different types of pornographic material, the possible links between pornography and rape, child abuse, and discrimination, the ineffectiveness of the Obscene Publications Act, and the need for legislation against pornography without censorship: to enable victims of pornography-related harm to seek redress and for an equivalent to the Race Relations Act to permit the prosecution of cases of incitement to sexual hatred and violence. Contributors: Peter Baker, Deborah Cameron, James V. P. Check, Andrea Dworkin, Michele Elliott, Aminatta Forna, Elizabeth Frazer, H. Patricia Hynes, I-Spy Productions, Catherine Itzin, Susanne Kappeler, Liz Kelly, Catharine A. MacKinnon, Michael Moorcock, Janice Raymond, Diana E. H.Russell, John Stoltenberg, Corinne Sweet, Tim Tate, James Weaver, and Ray Wyre.

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