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HEAT: How to Stop the Planet Burning

by George Monbiot - £11.99  Penguin Books (2007)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780141026626 | ISBN 10: 0141026626

We know that climate change is happening. We know that it could, if the worst predictions come true, destroy the conditions that make human life possible. Only one question is now worth asking: can it be stopped?
In HEAT, George Monbiot shows that it can. By revealing how we save the planet without losing our comfort and security, Monbiot exposes the cowardice of our politicians and sweeps away their perpetual excuse for doing nothing: that it would be too painful and expensive to sustain life on earth.
For the first time, he demonstrates that we can achieve the necessary cut - a 90 per cent reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 - without bringing civilization to an end. Combining his unique knowledge of campaigning and environmental science, he shows how we can transform our homes, our power and our transport systems. But he also shows that this can happen only with a massive programme of action, which no government has yet been prepared to take.
In every case, he supports his propsals with a rigorous investigation into what works, what doesn't, how much it costs and what the problems might be. He is not afraid to attack anyone - friend or foe - whose claims are false or whose figures have been fudged. HEAT also contains a breathtaking new exposure of the corporations trying to stop us from taking action.
Inspiring, original, blazing with energy, this book should change the world.

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