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On Cats

by Doris Lessing - £6.99  HarperCollins Publishers (2008)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780007285518 | ISBN 10: 0007285515

The cats that have shared Doris Lessing's life have characters as vivid as any person: ragbag, Rufus, beautiful Charles, the unequaled El Magnifico. First intrigued by the wild creatures on the African farm where she grew up, Lessing's fascination with felines was nurtured by the handsome domesticated creatures who inhabited her flats in London, and grew into real love with the awkwardly lovable El Magnifico, the last cat to share her home.
Bringing together the celebrated stories, Particularly Cats and Rufus the Survivor, and the memoir, The Old Age of El Magnifico, this book brilliantly evokes the subtleties of feline existence and convinces us of the reasons why cats really matter.

"Wonderful... A work of exquisite tenderness and poignancy. A distillation of everything that makes her work such a joy to read."
"An unsentimental and unwhimsical, but not unpartisan, study of cat-and-human relationships. An entertaining read for both car and Lessing connoisseurs."

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