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I Have America Surrounded: The Life of Timothy Leary

by John Higgs - £8.99  The Friday Project Ltd (2006)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781905548255 | ISBN 10: 1905548257

Before he began working with LSD, Dr Timothy Leary was a brilliant and respected behavioural psychologist. Afterwards he was, in the words of President Nixon, 'the most dangerous man in America'.
Leary has gone down in history as the man who persuaded a generation to 'tune in, turn on and drop out'. What is less well known is that his actions thrust him into an extraordinary life of drama and adventure. He escaped from jail in California, feld from America with the help of terrorists, was kidnapped by revolutionaries in Africa, became entrapped by an exiled arms dealer in Switzerland, and came close to murdering two American agents.
Throughout all his adventures, he survived on his wit, his arrogance and his unflagging optimism, But there is more to Timothy Leary than sex, drugs and a reckless devotion to freedom, His cultural influence was so deep and wide-ranging that he has profoundly shaped the post-modern 21st century world.
Leary's life story is one of the greatest untold adventures of our time. In the words of his goddaughter Winona Ryder, 'Tim's life wasn't some sort of epic grandeur. It was flat-out epic grandeur.'I Have America Surrounded now presents it for the first time, in all its uncensored glory.

"Tim was a Chieftain. He stomped on the terra, and he left his elegant hoof-prints on all our lives."
(Hunter S. Thompson)

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