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Stop the War: The Story of Britain's Biggest Mass Movement

by Andrew Murray & Lindsey German - £15.99  Bookmarks (2005)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781905192007 | ISBN 10: 1905192002

This is not just another book about the Iraq war and its military, diplomatic and political history. Of those there are plenty already. Instead it is the story of a remarkable mass movement. Mass movements appear to come from nowhere, and they take a direction which is often unpredictable. They gather a momentum which sometimes appears unstoppable, and they can change the face of politics for a generation. The Stop the War Coalition did this and more. It started as a grassroots movement, and its strength has remained at its roots. It started with no office, no bank account and just one full-time volunteer. Its organisers came from a range of backgrounds, and were for the most part not known to each other when the movement began. Its only major resource was the energy, vitality and commitment of the tens of thousands who flocked to the meetings and protests which it organised around the country. Yet these people built and sustained the biggest mass movement ever seen in Britain - one which has created a series of political landmarks. It was thwarted in achieving its objective of stopping the attack on Iraq, but the government has been paying a political price ever since.

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