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Reporting the World: John Pilger's Great Eyewitness Photographs

by John Pilger - £12.99  21 Publishing (2001)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781901785098 | ISBN 10: 1901785092

Reporting the World brings together some of the best photo-journalism from the 1960s to the present day. In this personal selection, Pilger has chosen works from troublespots and political events from around the world and supported them with an in-depth introduction and incisive captions.
As he says, "In bringing together this selction my aim has been to show how great photographers are both story-tellers and truth-tellers, going against the consensual versions of events, such as the illusions of 'booming' economies and 'smart' wars, and the judgement of humanity as worthy and unworthy, sacrosanct or expendable, by great power. This is not to suggest that a photograph 'says it all.' On the contrary, words are often vital to draw out the narrative and intrinsic mysteries of documentary photographs."

"Pilger is the closest we have to the great correspondents of the 1930s... The truth in his hands is a weapon, to be picked up and brandished and used in the struggle against evil and injustice."
(The Guardian)

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