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Spreading the Burden? A Review of Policies to Disperse Asylum-seekers & Refugees

by Vaughan Robinson et al - £27.99  Policy Press (2003)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781861344175 | ISBN 10: 1861344171

Many asylum seekers choose to settle in particular towns or cities, either near their port of entry or near communities of people from their own country. Politicians, the media and the public have perceived this concentration of asylum seekers as a 'problem' and have demanded that the 'burden' be spread more evenly. As a result, European governments are now engaging in one of the largest exercises in social engineering that the continent has seen since the Second World War. Hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers are now being denied their basic right to choose where they live and are instead being compulsorily dispersed. This topical book outlines the expressed rationale for dispersal policies, reviews how such policies have been implemented in the UK, Netherlands and Sweden, identifies good practice and, finally, challenges the need for dispersal. It is essential reading for national and local policymakers, those interested in human rights, social policy and refugee studies, as well as human geographers and sociologists.

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