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Sikh Women in England: Their religious and cultural beliefs and social practices

by Satwant Kaur Rait - £20.99  Trentham Books Ltd (2005)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781858563534 | ISBN 10: 1858563534

This is a scholarly and fascinating ethnographic study by a Sikh woman who came to England after growing up and going to university in Delhi. It illustrates the changes in the values of Sikh women in England over the years and between the migrants and British born sikhs.
Dr Rait's research subjects, all based in Leeds, come from varied backgrounds and together make up a picture of Sikh women that is transferable to England and the UK. The book is arranged as follows:
Chapter 1: A Background to the Life of Sikh Women.
Chapter 2: Religious values.
Chapter 3: Women in Sikhism and Sikh Society.
Chapter 4: The Social Life of Sikh Women.
Chapter 5: Cultural values.
Chapter 6: entitled Listen to Me - provides exerpts from the women's stories about their own lives, and the conclusion confirms that Sikh women have adapted well to life on a different continent and have a strong sense of identity.
Foreword by Professor Kim Knott.

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