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50 Spiritual Classics

by Tom Butler-Bowdon (Ed.) - £12.99  Nicholas Brealey (2005)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781857883497 | ISBN 10: 1857883497

'50 Spiritual Classics' is a kaleidoscope of inspiration that lets the reader delve into the ideas of our many great spiritual thinkers. In this third work in a trilogy that began with the award-winning '50 Self-Help Classics', Tom Butler-Bowdon takes the personal fulfillment journey to its conclusion by exploring the literature of inner discovery, enlightenment and life purpose. '50 Spiritual Classics' contains commentaries on fifty great books that can enrich the mind and heal the soul, spanning centuries, continents, spiritual traditions and secular beliefs. Inspire and fulfill your own potential through life-changing stories of conversion and spiritual awakening... expand your perception and achieve a deeper sense of purpose and peace... gain insight into life's big questions and humanity's spiritual evolution with some of our greatest secular and spiritual thinkers... With insightful commentaries on each classic, biographical information on the authors, plus a guide to further key titles, '50 Spiritual Classics' provides a unique overview of a newly resurgent genre. Authors include: St Augustine, Carlos Castaneda, Ram Dass, M. Gandhi, Kahlil Gibran, Herman Hesse, Mother Teresa, Thich Nhat Hanh, Cral Jung, Eckhart Tolle and Gary Zukav.

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