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The Permaculture Garden

by Graham Bell - £14.95  Hyden House Ltd (2004)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781856230278 | ISBN 10: 1856230279

Even the smallest back yard can be transformed into a beautiful and highly productive garden, if you work in harmony with nature. You can produce far more than your basic needs, with far less effort than you might imagine!
The Permaculture Garden reveals how to:
* Plan your garden layout for easy access and minimum labour,
* Save yourself unnecessary chores - even digging and weeding,
* Use crop successions for year-round harvests and healthy soil,
* Save money by creating a beautiful garden in recycled containers,
* Choose the best plants for different sites and enjoy the benefits of plant communities,
* Place less strain on the environment by saving energy and recycling water,
* Discourage pests and diseases - without using chemicals.
Here is a wealth of helpful advice for every gardener, including planning a garden from a bare plot, designing raised beds, creating ponds and streams, building terraces on slopes, constructing greenhouses and providing special areas for children or animals.
Whether you're aiming for just a few improvements or the beginnings of self-sufficiency, you can help to green the planet with this lively and highly practical guide.

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