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Co-operative Success: What Makes Group Enterprise Succeed

by Malcolm Harper and A.K. Roy - £15.95  ITDG Publishing (2000)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781853395000 | ISBN 10: 1853395005

Using a broad definition of co-operatives as organizations with the majority ownership in the hands of its customers, suppliers or employees, this study identifies factors associated with successful group enterprises. It aims to help those who promote co-operative development to be more selective in choosing situations where this type of enterprise has a good chance of working and offers guidelines and a blueprint for support staff.
The book starts by identifying a tentative list of factors which are believed to be associated with co-operative success. It describes how this list was refined through a survey of expert opinion, a questionnaire and analysis of published literature. The main body of the text consists of case studies showing the range of co-operatives in operation and providing raw material for analysis. The study is directed towards co-operatives which prioritize poverty alleviation over economic success. The conclusion draws together the findings of the survey and attempts to identify patterns and commonalities.
By combining a formal historical survey with case studies the book offers both a theoretical and experiential view of what is the "middle" way between state ownership and the private sector.

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