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Music for the Off-Key: Twelve Macabre Short Stories

by Courttia Newland - £9.99  Peepal Tree Press (2006)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781845230401 | ISBN 10: 184523040x

A middle-aged man with a guilty taste for schoolgirls seeks a way to end his shame; a hotel receptionist begins a sexual adventure with a vulnerable guest; a young man is troubled by a persistent itch behind his shoulder-blades; a sculptor is asked to make a realistic life-size woman by a Japanese client...
In these and other stories, there is a delight in the dark, the grotesque and the uncanny. Drawing inspiration from horror movies, Roald Dahl's short stories, Tales of the Unexpected and everyday life in West London, Newland mixes the literary and the popular to reinvigorate the short story form.

"Dark, compelling and grim in all the best ways possible... Ancient terrors reappear amongst concrete, below underpasses, in raves, scratching at the tenth-floor windows of tower blocks. This is powerful, intense and engaging writing."
(Niall Griffiths, author of 'Wreckage')

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