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Iran in Crisis? Nuclear Ambitions and the American Response

by Roger Howard - £17.99  Zed Books Ltd (2004)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781842774755 | ISBN 10: 1842774751

Is Iran at a crossroads? The recent US - led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have brought new opportunities and dangers that could conceivably either herald a new rapprochement between Tehran and Washington or else bring a sharp detorioration that might perhaps spill over into confrontation. At home, profound demographic changes would seem to make far-reaching political changes appear inevitable in a country whose young population is alienated from the clerical elite that pulls the strings of power.
This book looks at some of the causes of these domestic international tensions and considers some of the possible outcomes. In particular, it asks:
Is Iran really on the way to developing nuclear weapons?
What is the Iranian ‘Qods Force‘ doing in Iraq and Afghanistan? And why?
What are Iran‘s connections with Middle East terror groups?
Could Iran disintegrate if the current regime crumbles?
How much of a threat to the regime do dissident organisations pose?

The book explains the likely course of events in Iran and the region for both general readers and specialists.

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