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Old Wrongs, New Rights: Student Views of the New South Africa

by Edited by Dan Connell - £14.99  Africa World Press, Inc (2008)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781592216291 | ISBN 10: 1592216293

Old Wrongs, New Rights offers candid close-ups of South Africa's invigorating but unfinished journey from apartheid to democracy.
The reporters are students from the Americas, steeped in idealism but quick to spot backsliding. Their vantage point provides a freshness absent from the seasoned, often cynical, professionals who usually mediate our view of this daunting experiment in social transformation.
The stories focus on day-to-day struggles to attain the promise of South Africa's visionary Constitution, which not only guarantees every citizen equality and full participation in the political process, but also rights to social housing, health care, education, personal security, and a safe environment for future generations.
What has been been achieved, asked the students? Who holds back change? Who is propelling the society forward, and why does so much remain to be done?
As journalists, they sought anaswes not in pious pronouncements or paper pledges but in the lives of those carrying apartheid's persistent legacy.
Old Wrongs, New Rights gives voice to South African's deeply felt aspirations and their frustration at the sluggish pace of change. It also tracks the ways the experience transformed by the observers.
Sections include Personal & Political Rights, Economic Rights, Social Rights (Education and Health Care), and Cultural Rights, as well as personal reflections by the student reporters, photo spreads, a detailed itinerary, and a list of contacts in South Africa.

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