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In-Dependence from Bondage

by Lloyd D. McCarthy - £21.99  Africa Research and Publications (2007)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781592214655 | ISBN 10: 1592214657

This fascinating and lively book by Lloyd McCarthy compares and brings into light the relevant worldviews of the famous Afro-Caribbean poet and novelist, Claude McKay, and the world renowned socialist prime minister from the Caribbean island of Jamaica, Michael N. Manley.
McCarthy shows through interpretations of not widely known works of McKay and documented works of Manley that although they came from different historical periods, professional backgrounds and intellectual traditions, they arrived at a common awareness that the dominant political ideology of the North is incongruous to the history and development of people in the African diaspora and in the global South in general.
McKay and Manley defy the hegemonic and economic agenda of the North through their legacy of art, politcs, statesmanship and the documented experiences of their demonstrated struggle for their worldviews. McKay and Manley's worldviews clash with those of the North's elite, who desire to maintain their prosperity and that of the world's small property-less peoples, the African diaspora and the South.
McCarthy now shows that the time has now come for motions in the African Diaspora to survive globalization - with resistance and continuous struggle. Manley and McKay have issed this call for struggle.

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