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Deconstructing Tyrone: A New Look at Black Masculinity in the Hip-Hop Generation

by Natalie Hopkinson and Natalie Y. Moore - £11.99  Cleis Press (2006)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781573442572 | ISBN 10: 1573442577

Do you know Tyrone? That smooth-talking, irresistable fellow whose essence is full of swagger, rhythm, and flow? The militant revolutionary of the 1960s evolved into the pimp / thug of the hip-hop era? You know, the archetype converted into a hit single?
Tyrone is the black man seen through the media lens, through stereotype, through the eyes of black women. In Deconstructing Tyrone, journalists Natalie Hopkinson and Natalie Y. Moore examine black masculinity from a variety of perspectives, looking not for consensus but for insight.
With chapters on Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, on the complicated relationship between women and hip-hop, on babydaddies, on gay black men on the so-called "down low," on strippers and their fathers, on black men in the office, at school, and in jail, Deconstructing Tyrone presents a multifaceted picture of American black men now.

"A deconstruction done in love... Breaks down the myths surrounding black masculinity in a way that inspires hope and points the way towards change."
(Gwendolyn D. Pough, author of 'Check It While I Wreck It: Black Womanhood, Hip-Hop Culture and the Public Sphere')

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