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Love, Sex and Power in Later Life: A Libertarian Perspective

by Tony Gibson - £4.50  Freedom Press (1992)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780900384653 | ISBN 10: 0900384654

The revolution in sexual mores experienced in Western Europe over the past 30 years has largely bypassed the needs of older people, with the emancipated young often unable to accept that the old, especially parents and grandparents, also have a continuing need for sexual and emotional fiulfilment. Tony Gibson, in a well documented account, sets out to redress the balance.
Whilst discussing the physical and psychological changes that occur during the process of growing old, he shows that these are perfectly compatible with a rich sexual and emotional life, only modestly modified to allow for the decline in physical prowess.
After discussing the repressive social attitudes towards sexuality in later life fostered by the media, as well as conservative doctors and other health workers, he describes the contribution anarchist and libertarian writers have made towards the extension of the "social revolution to older people and especially older women, who have suffered from aspects of sexism as well as ageism".
Finally he describes how older people, men and women, can themselves ensure that they continue to live emotionally and physically satisfying lives as we move into a future in which the inevitable changes in population structure alter the balance of power between young and old.

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