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Win-Win Games for All Ages: Cooperative Activities for Building Social Skills

by Josette & Ba Luvmour - £10.99  New Society Publishers (2002)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780865714410 | ISBN 10: 086571441x

All about people getting to know one another better and deepening relationships - an exciting resource for use with groups of children or adults that offers ways to hear values, demonstrate skills and express oneself in safety.
There are three different sections:

  • Cooperative Games and Activities - includes 40 fun & exciting all-new games which allow safe ways to talk with one another about difficult issues. They are fun, include everyone, and help people appreciate the value of others' contributions.
  • Initiatives - increasing the level of both opportunity and risk, thirteen of these more complex games focus on group problem solving activities.
  • Holistic Learning Adventures - these three advance exercises explore trust building in week-long experiences.
Each carefully selected game includes details about the appropriate age level, group size, suppiles required activity level, location and set-up, along with full description. In addition, games are ordered according to the level of interpersonal risk involved, and a detailed introduction includes a useful discussion of framing and debriefing.
Perfect for educators, parent and anyone who works with children (or adults!).

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