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Refugees: Human Rights Have No Borders

by Amnesty International - £8.99  Amnesty International (1998)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780862102654 | ISBN 10: 0862102650

The number of refugees forced to abandon their homes and countries in search of safety has significantly increased. At the same time, governments' commitment to offering asylum is dwindling, as is their political will to resolve the human rights disasters from which people have fled. There is a crisis in the protection of the human rights of refugees.
This report is part of an Amnesty International campaign to remind the world's governments of their duty to prevent human rights violations so that people are not uprooted, and to ensure that those who flee persecution are allowed to reach a place of safety, are given effective protection against forcible return, and are guaranteed minimum standards of humane treatment while they are displaced. It calls for human rights to be a priority when considering refugee issues, such as repatriation programs and developments in international refugee law and practice.
Human rights activists involved with refugees face a dual challenge at the international level. They must defend the protection provided by international refuee and human rights law in the face of growing government efforts to avoid and circumvent their obligations. They must also strive to ensure that as new human rights challenges arise, the system of international protection is able to meet those challenges.

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