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The Night Listener

by Armistead Maupin - £8.99  Black Swan (2001)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780552142403 | ISBN 10: 0552142409

Gabriel Noone is a writer whose late-night radio stories have brought him into the homes of millions. Noone is in the midst of a painful separation from his lover of ten years, when a publisher sends him the memoir of a 13 year old boy who suffered horrific abuse at the hands of his parents. Pete Lomax is not only a brave and gifted diarist but a devoted listener to Noone's show.
When Noone phones the boy to offer encouragement, it soon becomes clear that Pete sees in this heart-sick, middle-aged storyteller the loving father he's always wanted. Thus begins an extraordinary friendship that only grows deeper as the boy's health deteriorates, freeing Noone to unlock his innermost feelings.
Then, out of the blue, troubing questions arise, exploding Noone's comfortable assumptions and causing his ordered existence to spin wildly out of control. As he wallks the tightrope between truth and illusion, he is finally forced to confront all his relationships - familial, romantic and erotic.

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