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The Little Book of Growing Up

by Victoria Parker - £4.99  Hodder Children (2007)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780340930991 | ISBN 10: 0340930993

Everything a girl needs to know about puberty and periods in one brilliant little book. Written in a friendly, accessible style, and in an appealingly discreet, compact format, this is an essential guide for all girls approaching puberty.
(This is an ok introductory book for young girls that is informative in a simple-to-understand way about periods, but it does have a couple of faults. It squeezes in reference to other potentially complex topics (e.g. mood swings, anxiety & self-esteem, sex & pregnancy, relationships, harassment & abuse) with short paragraphs of superficial breezy advice. It also uncritically reinforces the idea that women's self-esteem is focussed on attractiveness and appearance. For example: the changes of puberty "can turn the plainest girl into an attractive young woman, and the most awkward lad into a confident young man", and, developing breasts "does not mean that you will get fat. It means that you'll become a babe with a fantastic figure". The writer obviously intends to be positive and encouraging, but her unconscious assumptions made us cringe a bit - News From Nowhere Bookshop)

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