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Everybody Belongs: Inclusive Education for Children with Severe and Profound Learning Difficulties

by Kenn Jupp - £9.99  Souvenir Press (2002)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780285636514 | ISBN 10: 0285636510

This pioneering book sets out to challenge the fabric and very existence of special schools, now back again to coincide with the onset of valuing people and the code of practice. It challenges, too, the wider culture and infrastructure of enforced separate living that segregated special education systems impose on children and their families.
The author describes his experiences in initiating and carrying out a pilot study in which five children, all with severe or profound learning difficulties, were each given an opportunity to attend their local mainstream school. He also records and comments on the subsequent evaluations made by the Hester Adrian Research Centre, University of Manchester, and the North West Regional Health Development Team.
The findings were so positive and enthusiastic that the Local Education Authority has since agreed not only to work towards the closure of the special school, but also to reappraise their entire special education service. The five children, meanwhile, have remained in their new schools, benefiting from an involvement with their own communities which would otherwise have been impossible.
Lively, forthright and often amusing, this book shows how the ideology of inclusion can be applied successfully to the field of education. Arguing that segregated systems are counter productive, it offers positive suggestions for developing an alternative - one in which all children can have equal opportunity and equal value, and can learn together, each at their own pace.

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