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Thirty Years in a Turtle-Neck Sweater

by Nick Warren - £12.99  Ebury Press (2006)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780091908829 | ISBN 10: 0091908825

Nick Warren was just like any other boy growing up in the 70s, he liked playing out and being a little sod, and loved his younger brother and sister. Then one day when he was six, his mother kissed him goodbye to go shopping and never came back.
Nick's dad, Des Warren, took over as best he could, but because he had to work, things weren't easy. Nick even spent time in care. Everything changed when his dad brought a new mum home, who was kind like Julie Andrews, and soon after, a new brother and sister whom his dad had rescued from an unhappy family. Then just as Nick felt everything was good again, his dad was taken away. A union man, Des was sent to prison simply for standing up for what he believed in. It was a cruel act that slowly tore the family apart.
This is a moving story of painful events told through a young boy's innocent eyes. A heartbreaking tale of a son's love for his missing father, and the love he finds with his adoptive mother.

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