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Nights of the Dark Moon: Gothic Folktales from Asia and Africa

by Tutu Dutta - £8.99  Marshall Cavendish International (2017)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9789814771993 | ISBN 10: 9814771996

Nights of the Dark Moon is a collection of 13 dark folktales compiled from around Asia, with two bonus stories from Africa, retold in the Gothic tradition, known for its air of brooding mystery and chilling fear. The tales feature haunted places, ancient curses, supernatural creatures and desperate maidens. Ranging from the eerily thrilling to the pitiably tragic, the stories evoke dread and terror, but also longing, affection and sorrow. Some serve as cautionary tales, reminding us that there are monsters lurking among us in the real world.
A few are well known in their country of origin and have become part of the national folklore. Others are obscure folktales waiting to be discovered, perhaps long forgotten even in the places they originated.
The folktales have been extensively researched to be the most complete version published. Since they are not simple retellings, even the familiar will appear strange and fascinating.
This spine-tingling collection features:
The Haunted Bridge of Agi (Japan)
The Curse of Miryang (Korea)
The Tiger of Flower Hill (China)
The Shapeshifter of Co Lao (Vietnam)
The Temple of Rara Jonggrang (Java)
Hang Nadim (Singapore)
The Seven Princesses of Ulek Mayang (Malaysia)
The Strange Tale of Penghulu Naam (Malaysia)
Princess of the Bamboo (Sumatra)
King Vikram And Betaal The Vampire (India)
The Weeping Lady (India)
The Witchman (Nigeria) The Curse of the Iroko Tree (Nigeria)

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