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My Monster

by Declan Harrigan and Jake Biggin - £8.99  Jelly Bean Books (2021)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781913637675 | ISBN 10: 1913637670

"A book for children of all ages, from 6-96. We all need to talk about our monsters. Declan captures the reality of night terrors that become daytime fears for children and gives hope in this very important narrative. If we listen to the little voices they can grow into strong and confident adults."
(Terry Daly Msc, Trainer and supervisor in counselling and psychotherapy.)
This emotional but heart-warming book tells the story of a child who, during a difficult time in their life, faces their very own monster.
The monster is a metaphor for their difficulties. It isn't until they get the support they need that they discover that they have power over their monster.
This book takes the reader on a therapeutic journey, enabling the participant to recognise their own monster, and offers advice on how to vanquish it.
Recommended for readers aged 6+

(Price & availability last checked: August 2021)

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