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The Trade Secret

by Robert Newman - £8.99  Cargo Publishing (2014)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781908885906 | ISBN 10: 1908885904

When an oil shortage plunges Isfahan into darkness, renegade English servant Nat and eccentric Persian poet Darius set out for secret oil wells said to lie under the abandoned Temple of Mithras. Darius hopes the oil will give him a chance to marry musician Gol, but Nat has financed their expedition with silver stolen from his warmongering master Sir Anthony Sherley. In the blacked-out city, Gol struggles to support her family, while a new war threatens to take from her all she has.

The illicit oil lights a trail of fire which runs through Venice to London, where Nat faces a reckoning with Anthony's half-crazed brother Sir Thomas Sherley, the least successful pirate in the world. But when Nat finds a secret cargo in a Pool of London warehouse, he has a chance to defeat powerful enemies and change the world forever.

"A rollicking Elizabethan yarn that has much to say about the origins and nature of modern capitalism. Newmanís weaving of fact and fiction is really quite deft."

(Price & availability last checked: November 2014)

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