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Penny Blackfeather

by Francesca Dare - £9.99  Sloth Publishing Ltd (2014)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781908830067 | ISBN 10: 1908830069

Penny Blackfeather is a regencypunk adventure comic, set in a quiet and fictional town in early 19th Century non-fictional England.
The story so far (spoilers):
Penelope Blake wishes she could go on an adventure like her beloved yet sadly deceased Grandfather. Once day, while at a ball hosted by the eccentric Miss Quinn, Penny escapes to the roof where she meets a mysterious adventurer and his parrot, Princess. They return to Miss Quinn’s house where they find a book full of magic spells that only the adventurer can read.
Later that night, while Penny is at a tea party, the adventurer uses the book to open a gateway to a land full to the brim with monsters. Princess warns Penny, who uses her grandfather’s sword to chase the monsters away and retrieve the book, but she is too late to stop the monsters and their Queen from abducting the adventurer and destroying the gateway.
Now, with the help of her ghostly grandpa and Princess, Penny has to find a way to rescue the adventurer before something terrible happens to him. But first she has to find a way to the monster’s home, the Goblin Valley...
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