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Things Written Randomly in Doubt

by Allan Cameron - £9.95  Vagabond Voices (2014)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781908251275 | ISBN 10: 1908251271

A work in three parts, Things Written Randomly in Doubt starts with aphorisms in 'How Not to Be a Ruminant', shifts to essays in 'Weights and Counterweights', and concludes with poetry in 'By the Metre'. Some arguments appear in more than one section, and include nationalism, class, free will, religion, literature and the arts, but the theme of human relationships runs through the entire book, and is most closely examined with reference to Martin Buber's ideas in a long essay entitled 'Cats and Dogs, and Other Things We Cannot Understand'.

"[Things Written Randomly in Doubt] has all of [Cameron's] customary boldness of thought and range of interest, and is properly unafraid to raise the most fundamental issues. "This book is gratifyingly lucid and has many wise things to say."
(Terry Eagleton)
"...there is in Cameron's work a lingering spirituality, a faith that something soulful and significant is present in the everyday, in the ordinary 'heroism of mortals' he writes of. On occasion this takes the form of scepticism about science's claim to be able to quantify and explain all experience. Like the philosopher John Gray, he is dubious about 'progress', political, economic, and scientific. "If Scottish literature has a true outsider, it is not Irvine Welsh: it's Allan Cameron."
(Scottish Review of Books)

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