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Energy and Carbon Emissions: The Way We Live Today

by Nicola Terry - £4.99  UIT Cambridge (2011)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781906860141 | ISBN 10: 1906860149

This is a sourcebook of facts and figures about carbon emissions and energy use in the UK. The book emphasises the impact of domestic consumption and personal lifestyle choices. It's not about politics or ethics: there are no grand designs for how the future should look. Instead, it provides the information you need to calculate not only how you can reduce your carbon footprint, but also how you can save money by reducing your energy bills. Tables and charts show average UK consumption and emissions, renewable-energy potential, historical trends and international context. It provides guidance on calculating your own emissions and determining the impact of changes you can make. It will help you answer questions like:
Should I scrap my old car and buy a new one?
My roof faces south-east, not due south. Is it still worthwhile putting up solar panels?
How much carbon will I save if I stop eating meat?
And not so serious questions such as:
Should I buy an e-reader instead of paper books?
Would it help if we used horses and carts instead of vans?
How much energy do I use each day making tea?

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