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America's Backyard: The United States & Latin America from the Monroe Doctrine to the War on Terror

by Grace Livingstone - £26.99  Zed Books (2009)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781848132146 | ISBN 10: 184813214x

The United States has shaped Latin American history, condemning it to poverty and inequality by intervening to protect the rich and powerful. America’s Backyard tells the story of that intervention.
Using newly-declassified documents, Grace Livingstone, reveals the US role in the darkest periods of Latin American history including Pinochet’s coup in Chile, the Contra War in Nicaragua and the death squads in El Salvador. She shows how George W Bush’s administration used the War on Terror as a new pretext for intervention; how it tried to destabilise leftwing governments and push back the ‘pink tide’ washing across the Americas. America’s Backyard also has chapters on drugs, economy and culture. It explains why US drug policy has caused widespread environmental damage, yet failed to reduce the supply of cocaine and looks at the US economic stake in Latin America and the strategies of the big corporations.
Today Latin Americans are demanding respect and an end to the Washington Consensus. Will the White House listen?

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