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Who's Feckin' Who in Irish History

by Colin Murphy, illustrated by Brendan O'Reilly - £10.99  O'Brien Press Ltd (2014)
hardback    ISBN 13: 9781847176325 | ISBN 10: 1847176321

Did an Irish monk discover America? Which rebel died of having a feckiní tooth pulled? And who in the name of Jaysus was responsible for the Pledge? If you've ever wondered how much of our rabble-rousing history is true, and how much a load of wojus oul' bull, then look no further. From the great to the gormless, this book is a hilarious parade of the life stories of Ireland's favourite heroes and gougers. Gathered in a collection of the best anecdotes from our chequered past, it will tell you everything you need to know about our writers, revolutionaries, and rogues. You never know - it might help you win the odd pub quiz as well...
The Feckin' collection returns with a funny, original and quirky take on some of Ireland's most famous faces! Illustrated with photographs and cartoons, the book covers key Irish figures across the millenia like:
William Butler Yeats - Nobel Prize winning poet
Saint Patrick - Patron Saint of Ireland
Sir Ernest Shacklton - legendary Antarctic explorer
Jonathan Swift - the man who wrote Gulliver's Travels
Grace O'Mally - the pirate queen who ran Queen Elizabeth's troups ragged
Brian Boru - the last High King of Ireland
And many more!

(Price & availability last checked: November 2014)

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