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Breakthrough! 100 Proven Strategies to Overcome Creative Block and Spark Your Imagination

by Alex Cornell - £10.99  Princeton Architectural Press (2012)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781616890391 | ISBN 10: 1616890398

All of us struggle at one time or another with creative block. Always striking at the worst moment, it can leave you feeling completely paralyzed. Take solace in knowing that you are not alone. It happens to everyone and is actually an inevitable part of the creative process.
Breakthrough! is a lively compilation of strategies for combating creative block offered by a whos who of leading graphic designers, typographers, cartoonists, photographers, illustrators, musicians, writers, and other creative professionals. Because every block is different, they offer a wide variety of solutions, from cleaning the house and eating spicy food to making a plaster cast of your hands and feet, that are surprising, amusing, at times weird, but always inspiring. Contributors include illustrator Christoph Niemann, graphic designer Paula Scher, author Douglas Rushkoff, musician Jamie Lidell, motion designer Jon Saunders, information designer Nicholas Felton, photographer Jesse Rieser, and Facebook creative director Ji Lee. Visually engaging typography makes the inventive suggestions accessible and digestible. Whether read in short spurts or front to back, Breakthrough! is rocket fuel for any creative individual in need of a catalyst to get ideas flowing again.

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