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A Heart Blown Open: The Life and Practice of Zen Master Jun PO Denis Kelly Roshi

by Keith Martin-Smith - £15.99  Divine Arts (2012)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781611250084 | ISBN 10: 1611250080

Denis Kelly's life is part Hunter S. Thompson, part Timothy Leary, and part Eckhart Tolle.
From his beginnings in an abusive and alcoholic home in Wisconsin to becoming a major force in the counterculture movement, and then from a life on the run and in prison to a life in a monastery and in service, Denis Kelly’s journey is as entertaining as it is inspirational.

"Written with extraordinary heart and skill, this book chronicles the making of an integral Zen master. Jun Po’s life has been as unpredictable as it has been astounding. How many spiritual masters can speak of intense family abuse, life on the run, prison, fame and notoriety, hedonism, and monasticism as part of the journey to their awakening? Jun Po’s dedication to exploring his own psychological shadows in light of his own awakening consciousness is the story of our times, for it is the integration of Eastern mystical wisdom with Western psychological insight. It is an absolute must-read for anyone with even a passing interest in human evolution and Keith Martin-Smith does a truly brilliant job of bringing it all together."
(Ken Wilber, author of Integral Spirituality)
"This is the legendary story of an inspiring teacher that mirrors the journey of many contemporary Western seekers. A flash of white light from psychedelic theophanies leads to a lifetime’s pursuit of enlightenment under the Buddha dharma prayer flag."
(Alex Grey, artist and author of Transfigurations, Sacred Mirrors, and The Mission of Art)

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