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Best Lesbian Romance 2011

by Radclyffe - £11.99  Cleis Press (2011)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781573444279 | ISBN 10: 1573444278

"It was the kind of first date you know will change your life.... She looked a me like she coul fall for me, fall in love with me, or maybe like she already had. She looked am me like she wanted to know everything I had to say, to peek inside my brain and tease out the parts I kept deliberaly tucked away."
(Rachel Kramer Bussel, "Mother Knows Best")
Best Lesbian Romance 2011 captures the lyricism of love from the first blush of recognition to the forever embrace of shared hearts. Radclyffe has gathered a collection as varied as our unique and irreproducible experiences of falling in love. A practiced cynic learned the power of "Hearts and Flowers" in Theda Hudson's tale of a first anniversary. Sexy Shakespeareans discover that the real romance takes place offstage in Catherine Lundoff's "Twelfth Night." Rich in sensual detail, the stories in Best Lesbian Romance 2011 celebrate the joy and the passion of lesbian love in all its many wondrous forms.
With contributions from Radclyffe writing as L.L. Raand, Sacchi Green, Kathleen Warnock, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Catherine Lundoff, Clifford Henderson, Theda Hudson, Rebecca S. Buck, Anna Meadows, Colette Moody, Andrea Dale, Merina Canyon, Jamie Schaffner, Charlotte Dare, Cheyenne Blue, Elaine Burnes, and Miel Rose.

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