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by Carol Ann Duffy - £9.99  Pan Macmillan (Picador) (2017)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781509852789 | ISBN 10: 1509852786

Carol Ann Duffy's seventh collection is a book-length love poem, and a moving act of personal testimony, but what sets these poems apart is Duffy's refusal to simplify the contradictions and transformations of love - infatuation, longing, passion, commitment, rancour, separation and grief.
Rapture is a map of real love, in all its churning complexity, showing us that a song can be made of even the most painful episodes in our lives. These are poems that will find deep rhymes in the experience of most readers and will, ultimately, prove that poetry can and should speak for us all.

"Rapture is that rare thing - a poetry book that can (and should) be read from start to finish. At its core is an episodic love story, each "chapter" containing a love poem that can be savoured alone or as part of the whole piece... A vibrant work, Rapture bursts into life as if nothing has been kept back, every last emotion spilt onto the page. As the latest Carol Ann Duffy collection it is magnificent; as an examination of modern love and how it shapes us as human beings, it is unparalleled."

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