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CND At 60: Britain's Most Enduring Mass Movement

by Kate Hudson - £12.95  Public Reading Rooms (2018)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780995535244 | ISBN 10: 0995535248

Kate Hudson’s new book charts the inside story of CND over six decades, as it became a byword for protest and radicalism.
This book is timed to coincide with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament’s 60th anniversary, drawing on archive material and interviews with activists from across the decades, and situating CND’s current work in the context of the Trump presidency and increasing global tensions around nuclear weapons.
Founded in 1958 at the height of the Cold War, CND voiced a growing concern about the dangers of nuclear weapons.
Since then CND has become a byword for protest and radicalism, shaping three generations and inspiring mass movements for peace across the globe.
This is a timely and important book by CND general secretary Kate Hudson. It details the inside story of CND over six decades – including the mass protests at Aldermaston and Greenham Common, its central role in post 9/11 anti-war campaigning, and today’s struggle to prevent Trident replacement and win support for the United Nations’ new global ban on nuclear weapons.

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