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Planet Young

by Gerry Potter - £8.50  Flapjack Press (2009)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780955509230 | ISBN 10: 0955509238

"Light years shine heavy in maverick landscapes
Of lazy days and jewelled summers.
They Doctor Who and Rock Folly.
Meandering travellers lurk languidly in time.
Philandering rhymes chock-a-block and scissor-kiss
A cock-eyed melancholy.
Ordinary people press their ears to the wall.
There's a sound,
A whispering.
"The imagination is God.
The imagination is tell-tale.
The imagination is all...""
(from The Imagination Is God)
Welcome to Planet Young, the debut collection from the overwhelmingly engaging Gerry Potter - the poet formerly known as Chloe Poems. Rich with spell-weaving imagery and rhapsodic concepts, biographical, confessional and gloriously poetic, this lyrical journey thrusts you ever forward on a magical history tour, brake-slamming and horn-pounding through the domestic and fantastic.
Gerry Potter is a playwright, actor and the successful regeneration of gay scouse socialist transvestite icon Chloe Poems. His previous incarnation saw the release of Universal Rentboy [Bad Press, 2000], Adult Entertainment [Route, 2002] & Li'l Book O'Manchester [Mucusart, 2007] and he has the distinction of being in both the poetry and philosophy sections of Harvard University Library.
"I genuinely believe everything belongs to nobody. I've put these musings onto paper and, if you're reading this, then I sincerely hope in some small way that what I've written becomes yours. It's a world, things happen. This is how I've based my whole ethos. I've just started writing this and this has happened and I'm not going to change a word. Well, maybe a little.
So, read this book like you're listening to me talking, I am a performance poet after all, or read it like it's you talking to me. Dammit, read like you want, who am I to dictate? I do hope you find in it some of what I put there. I must have put it there for something."
(Gerry Potter)

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