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Utopian Dreams: In Search of a Good Life

by Tobias Jones - £8.99  Faber and Faber (2008)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780571223817 | ISBN 10: 0571223818

From the author of the bestselling The Dark Heart of Italy comes a different kind of travel book, a diary of one year spent living in communes and amongst unusual dreamers.
Utopian Dreams offers one writer's attempt to retreat from the 'real world' in order to better understand the available alternatives to our modern manners and morality. Instead of cynicism, loneliness and depression - is it possible to be idealistic, to find belonging and companionship with others who share your sadness, or even, perhaps, your happiness?
Tobias Jones undertakes a pilgrimage to spiritualists and temponauts, a journey to unusual orphanages, retirement homes, detox communities and old-fashioned farmyards. His book is an exploration of the meanings of community and solitude, a voyage to places where the soul, the spirit and the sacred are central concerns. Above all, it dares to ask one unfashionable, counter-intuitive question - do communities simply work better when religion, rather than secularism, is the choreographer?

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