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The Slave Trade: History Files

by James Walvin - £12.95  Thames & Hudson Ltd (2011)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780500289174 | ISBN 10: 0500289174

History Files the people, the events, 
the ideas that shaped our past and made 
our present
The 16th-century Spanish and Portuguese explorers who went to Africa in search of gold discovered an even more lucrative cargo: slaves.
Humans had long been traded in Africa, but the establishment of labour-hungry European plantation colonies in the New World gave these ancient systems new impetus.
A hugely profitable transatlantic trade in human lives soon developed, linking Europe, Africa and the Americas, and fortunes were built. African slaves and their descendants formed the work force that cultivated sugar throughout the Caribbean and Brazil, and tobacco, cotton and rice in the American South.
Although a fervent abolitionist campaign eventually succeeded in changing public opinion and forcing governments to outlaw it, the Atlantic slave trade persisted well into the 19th century, with incalculable human costs.
Ideal for the general reader and indispensable to all students of the era
Exclusive to the History Files series, is a loose-leaf set of facsimile documents, which includes plans and logs of slave ships and auction sale notices as well as private letters and emancipation proclamations
Photographs, paintings, objects and contemporary maps give further insight into the horrors and global impact of the transatlantic slave trade
Poignant quotes from first-hand accounts create a vivid sense of immediacy
Engaging and accessible writing tells the story of this cruel era and its enduring legacy

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