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Peace: A Very Short Introduction

by Oliver Richmond - £7.99  Oxford University Press (2014)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780199656004 | ISBN 10: 0199656002

* Provides a succinct analysis of the evolution of the concept of peace
* Clearly explains the concepts, theory, and terminology related to all aspects of peace
* Examines the international institutions of peace, civil peace, and conflict resolution
* Considers the reality of peacekeeping, peacebuilding, and statebuilding
* Part of the bestselling Very Short Introductions series
The concept of peace has always attracted radical thought, action, and practices. It has been taken to mean merely an absence of overt violence or war, but in the contemporary era it is often used interchangeably with 'peacemaking', 'peacebuilding', 'conflict resolution', and 'statebuilding'. The modern concept of peace has therefore broadened from the mere absence of violence to something much more complicated.
In this Very Short Introduction, Oliver Richmond explores the evolution of peace in practice and in theory, exploring our modern assumptions about peace and the various different interpretations of its applications.

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