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Riot Days

by Maria Alyokhina - £8.99  Penguin Books Ltd (2018)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780141986616 | ISBN 10: 0141986611

From activist, Pussy Riot member and freedom fighter Maria Alyokhina, a raw, hallucinatory, passionate account of her arrest, trial and imprisonment in a penal colony in the Urals for standing up for what she believed in.
People who believe in freedom and democracy think it will exist forever.
That is a mistake. What happened in Russia - what happened to me - could happen anywhere.
When I was jailed for political protest, I learned that prison doesn't just teach you to follow the rules. It teaches you to think that you can never break them.
It's inevitable that the prison gates will open at some point. But this doesn't mean that you leave the 'prisoner' category and go straight into the category of 'the free'.
Freedom does not exist unless you fight for it every day.
This is the story about how I made a choice.
We are all Pussy Riot.
And actions break fear.
'To Back Down an Inch is to Give Up a Mile'.

"In oppressive political systems, some of the most effective weapons are sarcasm and dark humour. It is exactly these weapons that are employed by Masha Alyokhina in the brilliantly written Riot Days. Once you begin reading, you are completely disarmed, unable to put it down until the last page."
(Marina Abramovic)

(Price & availability last checked: June 2018)

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