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Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Lustre

by Dana Thomas - £10.99  Penguin Books (2008)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9780141019673 | ISBN 10: 0141019670

Fashion may be fabulous, but what price true luxury? With incredible access to the glamourous world of the luxury brand, Deluxe goes deep inside the workings of profit margins and market share to discover the fate of real luxury. From the importance of fashion moguls, to red carpet stars and the seasonal 'must have' handbags, Dana Thomas shows how far illustrious houses have moved from their roots. Thomas witnesses how these 'luxury' handbags are no longer one in a million, discovers why luxury brand clothing doesn't last as long, and finds out just who is making your perfume.
From terrifying raids on Chinese sweatshops to the daunting chic of Paris workshops, from the handcrafting and economics of early twentieth-century designers to the violent truth behind the 'harmless' fakes, Deluxe goes deep into the world of extravagance, and asks: where can true luxury go now?

"Thomas's message is relevant to shoppers of every stripe."
(The New York Times)
"Great eversion therapy... we suspect we're being fleeced, but we don't know with what cynical dedication."
(The Times)

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