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Hearing Visions Seeing Voices

by Mmatshilo Motsei - £14.99  Jacana Media (2004)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781919931517 | ISBN 10: 1919931511

The world is crying out for a leadership that is founded on spiritual values of sharing, compassion, interdependence and mutual respect. In this as in other life matters that involve humanity and human relationships, Africa is well positioned to lead the way. I am grateful to be a part of a nation that is embarking on a search for sacred spiritual spaces and reclaiming ancient transformative and liberating tools used by our elders over decades and centuries.
Hearing Visions Seeing Voices reveals how Mmatshilo Motsei, drawing strength from the inspiration of her ancestors, emabarked upon a spiritual quest to help women and men to understand the violence that surrounds their lives, to comprehend their contribution to that violence and to finally break the vicious circle. Motsei examines the breakdown of traditional African values and the consequences of this disconnection from African ancestral beliefs. She calls on African legends and a deep-seated spirituality to confront and heal the emotional and spiritual wounds at a personal, family, and community level.
Born of a family of healers, Mmatshilo rejected for some time her calling, which was to continue her family's legacy of healing. Entrapped by the ideals of a western education and the comforts of modern living, she struggled to ignore her destiny. Finally she listened to her ancestors. The book details her journey to a place of healing and acceptance of the calling.

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