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Surprised by Joy

by Michael Meegan - £7.99  Maverick House (2006)
paperback    ISBN 13: 9781905379057 | ISBN 10: 1905379056

This is a story of tragedy and suffering on an epci scale. From the heart of an ancient continent comes a tale as old as time and a journey that is powerful and beautiful. This is a story of passion and love, disaster and corruption.
It is the story of one man's journey to the poorest areas on Earth and his decades living in absolute poverty. But above all it is a book about grace and the victory of gentleness over cruelty.
Michael Meegan has a fire within him that cannot be extinguished. This is an inspiring story full of passion, tragedy and drama. This book is about Africa, about Ireland, about friendship and tears; it is an honest, sometimes brutal meditation on what it means to be alive. It sends a powerful message to the world on what needs to be done to save lives and make this world a better place.
This is the stuff from which legends are made. If there is a book that will touch you, this will be it.

"Mike Meegan has dedicated his life to loving, healing, and giving to others. He invites us into his personal life to see from where those wonderful qualities come, and how he celebrates life among the Maasai and Samburu tribes. He's an inspiration to us all."
(Mary Kennedy, RTE)

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